Why Kingdom of Kids Gurgaon

Kingdom of kids is dedicated to providing a child a world of creativity, curiosity, self-expression through a well-structured program that develops a healthy self-concept and a social awareness in each child that prepares him/her for the world of opportunities that lie ahead. A home away from home that meets the needs of parents for quality care, community, and education in child development. To partner with parents in providing a holistic quality education to each child.

“To channelize a child’s natural quest for knowledge, creating a sound cognitive and social foundation for lifelong success.”

Our school is a dynamic place of shared relationships among the children, the teachers, and the parents. The school shows the foundation of a feeling of belonging in a world that is alive, welcoming and authentic for children.

To help transform the educational landscape in India and make children reach their highest potential.

‘Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning, but for children, the play is serious learning. In fact, the play is the real work Of childhood.” -Fred Rogers