Our Story

At KINGDOM OF KIDS we believe that each child is unique. Every child is perfect and has a bounty of hidden potentials that need to be nurtured. We provide opportunities for children to enhance their strengths.

We create an environment and an opportunity for that latent quality to blossom at KINGDOM OF KIDS. We integrate learning fostering of the child’s sense of wonder and natural curiosity and the exploration of this through PLAY. We believe in the importance of environment based learning and hands on experience that actively engage the child with the immediate environment and those who live in it. We recognise the innate creativity of child and his/her individuality of creative responses and expressions. Our education is based on inter-relationships.

Encouraging and enhancing participation enables a communication network that leads to fuller and more reciprocal knowledge, as well as to a more effective, shared search for the best educational methods, content, and values.

At KINGDOM OF KIDS, parents and teachers work together as a team in the successful development of the child. It is our feeling that both parents and teachers must be involved and communicate together to ensure that we are consistent between home and school. A safe and consistent environment, balanced with both love and limits, is where the child flourishes.

Our Vision

Kingdom of kids is dedicated to providing a child a world of creativity, curiosity, self-expression through a well-structured program that develops a healthy self-concept and a social awareness in each child that prepares him/her for the world of opportunities that lie ahead. A home away from home that meets the needs of parents for quality care, community, and education in child development. To partner with parents in providing a holistic quality education to each child.

“To channelize a child’s natural quest for knowledge, creating a sound cognitive and social foundation for lifelong success.”

Our school is a dynamic place of shared relationships among the children, the teachers, and the parents. The school shows the foundation of a feeling of belonging in a world that is alive, welcoming and authentic for children.

To help transform the educational landscape in India and make children reach their highest potential.

‘Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning, but for children, the play is serious learning. In fact, the play is the real work Of childhood.” -Fred Rogers

Our Pedagogy

Mentors of kingdomof kids are facilitators that help the child to explore their potentials by providing an atmosphere of trust, car, and love, a feeling of oneness, a home away from home.

We believe the most important goals for young children are the development of a healthy self- concept, a creative imagination, and a social awareness. We believe that a pre- school should bechild- centered, were the teachers are facilitators. We believe that one of the greatest challenges and responsibilities of educators is to provide young children with an inclusive curriculum and environment. We adopt pedagogical styles more suited to the characterstics of young children.

We feel that pre-school is a place to embrace diversity and empower children to challenge prejudice and stereotypes.

We make our kids TALLER
The kingdom of kids is a brand apart!

Our curriculum combines the best practices from six key preschool global educationists theories and adds to it with our Kingdom of Kids TALLER kids curriculum.

Principal's Message

Dear Parents
Welcome to Kingdom of Kids Pre-school,
I am very proud, to have been appointed as the Principal/ center head of KOK Gurgaon.
A child is the most treasured possession of each parent. With this strong belief in my heart and the absolute zeal to contribute in the area of early education; I, Anu Chauhan, myself a mother creates a place where the inherent talent of each child can be nurtured along with imbibing correct values and positive attitude. I have carefully selected a dedicated team based on their Education, Past Experience and also their Love for children.
When you place your child in our care, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a highly competent and qualified team is caring for your child.
I hold a fundamental belief in the importance of education and its ability to nurture the development of intelligence through a unique curriculum encompassing music, the arts, science, literacy, numeracy, and physical exploration.
Every child learns at his or her own pace. Therefore it is our responsibility to treat every child as individuals and have patience when they r in the process of learning something new.

The child’s ability to learn and grow is unique and special journey For me and the most satisfying aspect of my role is seeing how children progress and develop as individuals within our Pre- School and how this provides them with a solid grounding for the next stage of education at school.

Shri Ram Education Trust (SRET)

Shri Ram Education Trust (SRET) has been found with a vision to create, promote, support and manage educational institutes from pre-school to the university level. The Trust also envisions contributing to the well being of children, the environment, communities and mankind through well planned activities.

The Shri Ram Group enjoys a celebrated presence worldwide. Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, founded in 1946 and Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University founded in 1956 epitomise the vision and mission of the group with continued delivery of excellent quality and highest standards in higher education.

The group is also engaged in knowledge delivery in the areas of IT, applied learning, technology services and supplementary education.

SRET’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of children and society at large, through its planning, policies, programmes and their implementation by its motivated work force.

For more information visit www.shriramedutrust.com

Shri Ram Study World

Shri Ram Study World is a professional company, engaged in providing early child education and care in India. The company is licensed to set up a chain of pre-schools under the brand “KINGDOM OF KIDS”, which is owned by the renowned Shri Ram Education Trust,with a view to bringing world –class education and personality development practices for every young child across India.

Shri Ram Study World has a vision to combine conventional brick and mortar education with cutting-edge technology, thus achieving holistic development of young learners to make them champions of tomorrow. Shri Ram Study World believes that each child is unique and has inborn talent which should be discovered before the age of 6 years.The nurturing of this talent through the unique collaboration of parents and teachers would give great benefit society at large.

Shri Ram Study World is committed to addressing the inadequate supply of high quality early child education across India with a special focus on rural India. It plans on setting up mega, medium and small learning centres equipped with world-class curriculum, equipment and facilities, teachers and child centric support staff.

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