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  • kingdomofkidsgurgaon says:

    “Varsha and Swapneel – Darsh Mom”
    First of all thanks to you for asking the feedback..I seriously wanted to share my gratitude to the kok team to Anu mam for her sincere dedication to all the coordinators, teachers all the Didi’s and everyone ..I sincerely appreciate the efforts as the ones who are taught are very tiny they are very soft they need love ,patience, attention,dedication And I can clearly see all these things in the performance of every kid.I just want to say kok team rocks ..Thanks for making school time so fun for the kids .Thanks for making learning fun for kids .Giving them emerceexpirence in the form of activities .I really appreciate every efforts of the teachers to make kids comfortable and secure with them.Keep up the good work ..cheers

    “Alka and saurabh – Amaira‚Äôs Parents”
    Many thanks for putting up a fabulous event – it was a delight to watch the kids perform. I can imagine the kind of hard work, dedication, passion, patience and time it takes to coach the little ones.
    It was one of the best Saturdays that we spent in a long time.
    We had a great time. Looking forward for many more success stories for KoK.

    “RavinderRai & Shaina Rai – Yudhav Parents”
    Many Congrats to TEAM KOK for such a wonderful Annual Day Function.
    I would actually like to specifically extend my congrats to School management, Principal, Teachers, Support Staff (Sisters) and All the kids performed out there.
    The reason for this huge Success is Hard Work as Well as planning.
    The whole program was so well planned that it was very clear to all the parents to avoid unnecessary Holidays so kids can practice well.
    Parents of Playful group kids were asked to sit on back to so their kids don’t distracts during the performance.
    Parents were advised to feed their kids well so kids can actually enjoy the function more.
    Function was very much short and sweet so kids don’t get irritated with lengthy hectic schedule.
    Wish to experience more events like this in future too.

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